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Dermatovenerologie odkazy

Cutaneous Vasculitis in Cogan's Syndrome: A Report of Two Cases Associated with Chlamydia Infection.

Kawasaki Y1, Uehara T2, Kawana S3.

An unusual presentation of a case of human psittacosis.

Vande Weygaerde Y1, Versteele C2, Thijs E1, De Spiegeleer A1, Boelens J3, Vanrompay D2, Van Braeckel E1, Vermaelen K1

Chlamydia pneumoniae and Chronic Skin Wounds: A Focused Review

Lloyd E King Jr., Charles W Stratton and William M Mitchell

The role of Chlam.eumoniae in the etiology of acne rosacea: response to the use of oral azithromycin
Fernandez-Obregon A, Patton DL.

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