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This serious issue is not sufficiently known and presented to the public and medical community. We lack systematic research of the prevention, acute form of chlamydial infections, chronic latent chlamydial infections and their consequences. The obligatory treatment protocol has not been established. There are numerous unclear points in chlamydial infection topic. The most frequent transmission of chlamydia consists in its pulmonary form – Chlamydophila pneumoniae (60 – 80 % of adults carry this infection), then in its sexual form Chlamydia trachomatis (3,000,000 of infected persons per year in USA, in Czech Republic data not available). “As just three (L1, L2 and L3) out of 15 C. trachomatis serotypes (immunotypes) are sexually transmissible, the statements on the necessity of its sexual transmission can be considered as entirely senseless.” (Ing. Bazala). The third out of clinically monitored species concerns C. psittaci, transmitted by birds. We insist on the fact that due to its life cycle, intracellular parasitism, activation of inflammation and immunity modulation, the chlamydiae cause serious health complications and the attitude to this infection should be changed, as to a multisystemic infliction requiring an overall evaluation.

The main objectives of the patient’s organization:

  • To contact the Ministry of Health with the aim to engage it in the issue of chlamydial infections in their acute, and especially, their chronic forms.

  • To evaluate anamnestic data from the affected patients.

  • To initialize a reliable diagnostic study in co-operation with a selected medical institute.

  • To inform the public and medical community about serious consequences of chlamydial infections for the quality of life of the entire society.

Patient’s organization Chlamydie o. s. will urge the Ministry of Health to engage in the issue of chlamydial infections, since this institution has got legal responsibility for health and treatment of the Czech citizens.

Activities of Chlamydie z.s. (patient organization) was ended by membership meeting 

on 5/6/2018 and during 11-12/2018 court confirmed this decision. 

All activities were terminated. Since then, these web pages are only a free time activitiy

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